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Usługi wdrożeniowe i serwisowe

Implementation Services


LogisWMs uses best in class Manhattan RPM Implementation approach across the key 4 implementation dimensions.
We bring locally into Poland 24 years of Leading Manhattan Associates Experience successfully implementing Warehouse Execution Software Solutions across the globe and in Poland.

Support and Maintenance Services


We provide a 24x7 support services if needed with unrivalled levels of support services response and resolution times.
Who will you be working with?
Support Director, Manager, and Consultants…Assigned to You
Programmers, Technical Specialists, and Design Leaders involved as neede


Customer Support Teams’ Skill Sets

√ Supply Chain Functional Experts

√ A number of resources in CSO have prior PSO implementation experience.

√ Software Programmers

√ Project Managers

√ Design Leads, System Administrators.


What we can do for you

  • Research and resolve Manhattan product issues
  • Provide 24/7 support for mission critical production support issues
  • Discuss, design, and help implement operational improvements, new functional requirements and/or changes, including software extensions.
    • Design, development, testing, and deployment support can all be offered by your CSO team
  • Provide dedicated on-call support during special projects
  • Training
    • Training to help you in system usage and trouble-shooting
  • On site process efficiency review
    • On-site evaluation of your supply chain solutions’ performance
    • Recommend adjustments to respond to changing operational requirements and KPIs.
    • Ensure your return on investment and productivity 

Case Severity Definitions and Response Times